Local Info

With the four seasons of New England there is always something to enjoy.

The summer months you have the ability to do hiking, biking, swimming in the lake, kayaking, canoeing, enjoying BBQs outside. There is a huge yard for kids to play around on.

The fall is a beautiful time in New England with the changing of the leaves. It's beautiful to soak in the surroundings with hot chocolate or a bottle of wine with your close friends and family.

The Winter is a great time to ice skate on the lake, push the kids down the hill on a tube or ski 20 minutes away at Mohawk Mountain.

The spring is a time everyone waits for after winter. With renewed energy to do outdoor events. Fishing is always a relaxing way to enjoy a warm spring day.

No matter the weather, you always have your escape into one of the premier houses. Whether preparing a large meal, watching football or the kids going on Facebook, the property and the houses on it is a real treat for all ages to enjoy.